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How The Consignment Program Works

CirenCommunications will offer cash or consignment on any of your companies surplus telecommunications and networking equipment. Each client has their own individually tailored consignment plan which allows you to retain the title to your assets until we locate a buyer and complete the sale. You can request the return of any equipment if needed.

Ask how your company can earn cash for future capital expenditures by calling CirenCommunications at (877) 718-7644 or emailing info@cirencommunications.com


How The Consignment Program Works

Consignment Benefits

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  • Eliminates additional shipping and storage costs.
  • Turns unused telecommunications & networking equipment into cash.
  • Avoid any recycling and hazmat issues associated with your assets.
  • Eliminates the cost and management time associated with establishing an effective internal program for selling these assets.
  • Stops “cherry picking” from your inventory and protects the integrity of your company.
  • Allows employees to focus on the core competencies of your business as opposed to handling and selling surplus assets.
  • Maximizes your ROI and minimizes your costs as a result.

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