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Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, CirenCommunications is the leading provider of new and used, telecommunications and networking equipment for Operators, MSO’s and Enterprise companies. We offer quality, reliability, and the customer service expected in our industry. CirenCommunications strives to be the most trusted telecommunications and networking equipment provider by consistently exceeding customers expectations.


CirenCommunications is a reliable and honest company that stands behind their equipment while still providing the customer with pricing significantly lower than the manufacturer. Inventory includes surplus new, used, and manufacture discontinued telecommunications and networking equipment. Our working relationships within the telecom industry include a broad range of carriers/carrier, ILEC, cable operators, business data/voice, and wireless providers.

Customer Guarantee

Our dedication is enhancing our market leadership position continually and maximizing our ability to invest in people, technology, innovation, and infrastructure. We make it our responsibility to meet your requests while building a beneficial long-term relationship. The personal attention our clients receive gives the customer a piece of mind. We achieve this by combining experience, expertise, and thought leadership with integrity, objectivity, and our ever-expanding resources and capabilities.


  • Equipment priced at the market to below market value.
  • Warranty included on all equipment.
  • Customer purchase information and material specifications are barcoded on every order shipped.
  • Customer orders ship directly from the warehouse.
  • Provide up to date status of order along with shipping tracking numbers.
  • Same day shipping based on availability.
  • Overnight shipping is per request.

CirenCommunications focus is on the client’s budget, deadlines, and need for reliable and tested telecom and networking equipment. Ciren is committed to becoming your companies most trusted and cost-efficient surplus equipment provider, making the purchasing directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) a secondary practice. We achieve our customer base through our equipment availability, short delivery lead times, and pricing that is far below the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


CirenCommunications continues to establish productive relationships within the telecommunications industry by understands network reliability. Reliability is what the provider sells to their customers, so our equipment has to be tested and reliable before leaving the warehouse. Discover the power that peace of mind can bring and call CirenCommunications at (877) 718-7644 today and speak with one of our representatives or email us at info@CirenCommunications.com


CirenCommunications focus is purchasing and selling excess new, used, and refurbished telecommunications and networking equipment. CirenCommunications is devoted to providing quality, service, and reliability.


CirenCommunications will offer cash or consignment on any of your companies surplus telecommunications and networking equipment.


We achieve our long term clientele by combining experience, expertise, and thought leadership with integrity, objectivity, and our ever-expanding resources and capabilities.

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